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"Embarking on a digital odyssey, conjuring opulent website designs upon Webflow's canvas."

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George Krasilnikov photo
George Krasilnikov photo

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With seasoned expertise in Webflow, Krasilnikov transforms your designs into code seamlessly, following Webflow's best practices.

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1. Google meets

After a comprehensive business review, you'll receive a fixed price per page and project deadline for your consideration.

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2. Figma development

Upon your satisfaction with the pricing and terms, the design process begins promptly: establishing the Style Guide, sketching the mobile design...

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3. Webflow development

Upon your contentment with the final design, the layout phase starts promptly, where each page is meticulously built for mobile, tablet, and desktop views.

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4. Google Search Console & Yandex Webmaster

"Following the completion of the site layout, domain connection, and hosting payment, your site is linked to the two major search platforms."

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5. Google Ads & Yandex Business

After completing the prior steps, the remaining task involves promoting your business. This is achieved through basic advertising programs.

Don’t compromise your design with average web development!

After putting immense effort into crafting your exquisite design, don't settle for mediocrity in development. My promise: pixel-perfect design and seamless interactions that captivate and delight your users.

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"Crafting websites is akin to painting on the canvas of the digital realm, where every pixel holds the palette of possibility."




Secure your ticket to a world of quality, returns, and stylish websites that capture attention, all at an high price.